5200-L1 LineChek III
Hybrid Digital Analog Subscriber Line Testing
Ordering: 800-462-5532

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  • Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (2/8)
  • Loop Conditioning
  • Internal Power Supply
  • Operator Selectable Test Direction

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    The CMC 5200-L1 LineChek III is a microprocessor-controlled test cabinet used for subscriber line testing from the central office or remote location.

    The hybrid digital analog measurement technology of the 5200 LineChek III local/remote test cabinet makes it an excellent choice in nearly any application warranting loop testing from the central office or remote location.

    Technical Specifications
      AT A GLANCE 

    Basic Voltmeter Testing
    Basic Ohmmeter (resistance testing)
    Capacitance (interpretative kick test)
    Operator Selectable Test Direction
    Basic 2-wire Dial/Talk and Monitor Functions
    LCD Display of Dialed Digits
    Outpulsing (manual from key pad)
    Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (2/8)
    Multi-Frequency (2/6)
    Dial Pulse (DP 10 pps)
    Last Number Redial
    Test Trunk (NTT) Seizure and Signaling
    Draw Dial Tone
    Talk Battery Supply
    Talk and Monitor Circuit
    Ring Generator (balanced/unbalanced selectable)
    Internal Power Supply
    Monitor Amplifier Loudspeaker
    Tracing Tone
    Pair I.D. Continuity (buzzer)
    Loop Conditioning
    External Test Equipment Jack
    Headset Jacks
    Pair Gain Test Controller Access

    * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Ordering Information
    Part Number


    CMC 5200L1 LineChek III
    To order the 5200-L1 LineChek III and its accessories, contact the CMC Customer Service group by telephone at 800-462-5532.

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