5712B Protector Breakdown Test Set
For Testing Telephone Line Protector Units (TLPU)
Ordering: 800-462-5532

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  • Wall-Mount
  • Drop-In Replacement for KS20100L2
  • AC Powered
  • One Button Testing

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    The CMC 5712B (Wall-Mount) Protector Breakdown Test Set performs a non-destructive, high voltage test of 5-pin carbon type, gas tube, or solid-state protector modules.

    The test set determines the DC breakdown voltage of the arrester circuit in the module under test and displays that voltage on the LED display.

    Also available: 5712 Hand-held for field personnel, 5712BP Portable Test Set in rugged carrying case.

    Technical Specifications

    (Arrester Voltage)
    Technique - Bi-Polar Voltage Ramp Generation
    Voltage Ramp Rise Time - 150 Volts/millisecond
    Read-Out - Arrester's DC breakdown voltage in volts DC @ 1 milliampere
    Range - 100VDC to 1000VDC
    Accuracy - 2 Volts or 3% full scale


    (Heat Coil Resistance)
    Technique - Resistance is measured with a 5mA constant current driving source.
    Range - 0 to 35 ohms
    Accuracy - 0.1 ohm or 1% full scale
    Read-Out - Resistance in ohms


    (Solid State Leakage Test)
    Technique - Leaking current is measured with 200 VDC bias voltage applied between TIP and ground, the Ring and ground.
    Range - 2 microamperes to 200 microamperes (100 Meg ohm to 1 Meg ohm)
    Accuracy - 1 microamperes or 3% full scale
    Read-Out - Current in microamperes


    Display - Two 3 digit LED displays, 1/3 inch in height (TIP Display, RING Display)
    Indicators - Three Push-to-test indicators [2 Amber Neons for TIP and RING continuity, 1 Red Neon for GROUND faults] - Six Measurement display indicators (LED's) [2 for indicating Vdc (Breakdown Voltage), 2 for indicating ohms (Continuity), 2 for indicating microamperes (Leakage) ]
    Protector Type - Carbon, Gas, Solid State, or Hybrid
    Connector Accepts - 5 pin AT&T Type Protectors, 5 pin Northern Telcom Type C-303, 4 pin Northern Telcom QMP Type w/adapter
    Power - Line Powered ( 115Vrms Fused at 1/4 Amp, Nominal power is less than 2 Watts
    Operating Temperature - 0 to 70 deg C
    Housing - (Wall-Mount) 5" x 5" x 2 3/8" (146mm x 146mm x 64mm)
    (Portable_ Metal case 6.0" x 9.0" x 7.5" (15.2cm x 23cm x 19.1cm)
    Weight - (Wall-Mount) 11.6 oz. (330 grams)(excluding two-gang wall outlet)
    (Portable) 5.3 lb. (2.41kg)

    * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Ordering Information
    Part Number


    CMC 5712Protector Breakdown Test Set, hand-held
    CMC 5712BProtector Breakdown Test Set, wall-mountable
    CMC 5712BPProtector Breakdown Test Set, portable
    CMC 5713AAdapter, Lead/Alligator Clips
    CMC 5713BAdapter, Northern Telecom Mini 4-Pin
    CMC 5713CAdapter, Porta-Systems
    CMC 5715AAdapter, Miniature 2 element gas tube
    To order the 5712B Protector Breakdown Test Set and its accessories, contact the CMC Customer Service group by telephone at 800-462-5532.

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