7910DY DataStar 3000
Battery powered technician's computer
Ordering: 800-462-5532

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  • VGA LCD Panel
  • Weatherproof
  • Upgradeable Software

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    The CMC 7910DY Series DataStar 3000 is a hand-held, microprocessor-controlled battery-powered, technician's computer.

    The DataStar 3000 integrates next generation technology, ruggedized packaging and low-power components to make field computing practical for telephone technicians.

    Technical Specifications

    133 MHz 586 Processor
    16 MB RAM
    MS-DOS 6.2
    24MB ATA Flash Card
    80-Column Monochrome Transflective VGA LCD
    56K PC Card FAX Modem


    100% compatible with IBM PC AT
    DOS platform allows development of custom application programs


    72 key QWERTY style keyboard with latched multi-key entries for one handed operation
    Integrated Touch-Pad


    640 x 480 pixel (80 x 25) monochrome VGA
    Wide viewing angle
    Automatic and manual contrast adjustment based upon ambient temperature


    COM 1 serial port supports RS232 communications
    COM 2 serial port supports the internal modem, CND and the TTL port
    LPT 1 provides an EPP parallel port via the standard DB-25 connector at the connector panel


    Hands-free operation
    Provides mute, flash, store number, and auto-dial


    Software generated alerting tones for special warnings such as "low battery"


    (with Optional Test Module)
    Software controlled precision tone generation
    Voltage measurements on either subscriber line to 100 millivolts resolution
    Resistance measurements, ballistic testing, power influence, stress, loss and noise


    Ni-MH rechargeable pack
    A/C wall adapter provides charging and general power
    May be operated while charging

    * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Ordering Information
    Part Number


    CMC 7910DY SeriesDataStar 3000
    CMC 8336DXTest Module with cords
    CMC 8938Belt Hook Strap
    CMC 8951DataStar 3000 Soft Case
    CMC 8940DataSTar 3000 Battery Pack
    CMC 8964DS3Power Supply / 120 VAC for DataStar 3000
    CMC 8911Cord, 13", RJ-11 to RJ-11 Test Module/4 Wire Applique
    CMC 8917Cord, 4-Wire Applique for DataStar 386/DataStar 3000
    CMC 8919Cord, 13", RJ-11 to RJ-11 Test Module/4 Wire Applique
    CMC 8364Test Leads/Test Module
    CMC 7940Cord, 12", RJ-11 with Insulation Piercing Alligator Clips
    CMC 7941Cord, 5', RJ-11 to RJ-11 with 460A plug adapter
    CMC 7830Rain Flap for DataStar 386/DataStar 3000
    CMC 8912Cord, 16", RJ-11 to RJ-11, Test Module with DataStar 386/DataStar 3000
    CMC 8913Cord, 24", RJ-11 to RJ-11, Test Module with DataStar 386/DataStar 3000
    To order the 7910DY DataStar 3000 and its accessories, contact the CMC Customer Service group by telephone at 800-462-5532.

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