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Hardware Solutions:
  • Central Office Test Equipment -

    5200-L1 LineChek III
    C8200-C8201 Multi-Service Line Qualifier System (MSLQ)
    C5712B Protector Breakdown Test Set
    C7900 Butt-In II

  • Central Office Tools and Supplies -

    C8370C Frame Helper
    C4988 Scrap Wire Holders (Web Page Coming Soon...)
    C4932 Digi-Vac (Web Page Coming Soon...)

  • Outside Plant Test Equipment -

    C7910DY DataStar 3000
    C7900 Butt-In II
    C8336HT2 PairChek

  • Outside Plant Tools -

    NEW!   C7910TS and C7910TSCD TechStar
    C8370HF My Helper
    C7953HR IR Light Wand (Web Page Coming Soon...)
    C7953LP Laser Light Pen (Web Page Coming Soon...)

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